“The internet has revolutionized every aspect of human life including the way of earning. Now inter net brings to you an excellent opportunity to earn decent additional income without requiring any investment. Advertising revenues from corporate bodies, which were otherwise going to media like television channels, radio, newspapers/publications etc ., is now given directly to consumers for viewing advertisements on internet.


1. What is the actual concept?

There are many multinational advertising websites on internet from which you can earn good income without any payment. First of all, you have to register to those websites registrations to all the websites are without any payment. Once you get registered to those websites, you would start getting some assignments in your email address. Assignments include viewing of their advertisements, clicking on some banners, filling up of some online survey forms, visiting some websites etc. These are simple assignments and can be done by any person having basic internet knowledge. For doing all these assignments, the multinational advertising websites would pay you.

2. What do I have to do to earn money?

First, you’ll need to register with the multinational advertising websites so that they have your email id. Then depending on the category you choose, these websites will send paid mail to you that will contain a link to the advertiser’s website and you will be paid to click the link, visit the advertiser’s website and stay there for few seconds. You may also have to click on some online banners, fill some online survey forms and do some other online works. These are very simple tasks and can be done by any person having basic internet knowledge.

3. Why would I be paid?

You are helping the advertising websites and they are returning the favor. They are able to pay you because their advertisers pay them every time they send you a promotion or an ad. Each advertising website has a contract with the multinational (mnc) advertisers that their products should be seen by a large number of viewers say about few million viewers. Now, the mncs pay these advertising websites for the advertisement of their products to so many numbers of viewers. Whatever amount these advertising, they share that amount with viewers like you directly.

4. What should be my qualifications?

You should have basic knowledge of internet. You must have an email address. These are the only requirements for doing this work on internet.

5. From where can I work?

You can work from your home if you have a computer and internet connection of your own. Even if you don’t have your own computer then also you can work from a cyber café or your office having internet connection as per the direction of the websites.

6. How much will I earn?

It depends on the number of hours you work and the number of websites you are register with.

7. Do I have to buy something to get paid?

No. The websites pay you to view the ads of their advertisers who are advertising on the internet due to its wider reach. Just like on t.V. You view ads but you hardly buy that product. But the more ads a company gives the more popular its products become and it creates a market of its own.

8. Does it cost anything to join?

We charge you $35 (rs.2499) (non refundable amount) as consultancy fee to email you a list that contains the link of all the paying websites along with other relevant instructions and information on how to proceed with each and every step. After paying our consultancy fee, you need not have to pay anything else.

9. How can I make payment of your consultancy charges?

You have following options for depositing our consultancy fee of rs. 2499/- (rupees two thousand four hundread ninty nine only) you can deposit or fund transfer to our bank account.

10. How do I get paid?

You will be paid by cheque directly by the advertising websites to the address, which you mention on their registration forms. You may also receive payment through paypal or egold account.

11. Will I receive the payment from your company?

No. You will be paid directly by the advertising websites to the address, which you mention on their registration forms. Our role is to email you a list of all the paying websites. Our motto is to save your time in searching these types of paying websites on internet. We have no responsibility whatsoever in all respect.

12. When do I get paid?

You will be paid once your account reaches to the minimum balance as fixed by the paying websites. The minimum balance of each website varies from $1 to $350. The minimum payout balance of each website that you have to accumulate in your account in order to receive payment is very clearly mentioned on their website. You start accumulating dollars in your account once you start doing work for these websites. You can also check your balance anytime by logging on to their websites. Once your account reaches to the minimum balance, they would release your payment as per their terms and conditions. You would also get to know the amount paid for each work done by you.

13. Is there any additional benefit if I pay your consultancy charges?

Yes. We will also inform you about the new websites with good earning opportunities, which we may come across in near future. We won’t charge you for that. This is an additional benefit, which you will get free of cost if you pay us.

14. Is there any time limit to join these paying websites?

This offer is valid for limited period only. The multinational websites may stop recruiting individuals once if their targeted vacancies are filled up. We will email/post the websites on first come first serve basis. So register early to avoid disappointment.

15. I have read all the details, how can I start?

We appreciate your decision to join us. Please follow the steps below:

Job Details

1. Is there any Age limit to start with this job?
Yes, Minimum Age to take part is 16 Years.

2. What are the basic requirements to get started?
Candidate should have a computer or else can work from any cyber cafe.

Internet connection is . Basic knowledge of operating computer, surfing internet, opening websites etc.

3. What exactly is this form filling job?
This form filling job is very easy. Daily we get millions of form filling orders from different companies. We give the list of all forms & details which you have to input in those forms. You can fill as many forms as you can. Normally it takes less than a 1 minute to fill each form. We also provide you with form filling software using which you can fill the forms in less than 1 second with Just a click.

4. How long one form will be and how much time it will take to submit the form?
Each form will be of one page only, similar to what you fill regularly on internet like opening an E-mail account. Normally it takes at the most 1 Minute to fill a single form, However using our Form Filling Software it will hardly take 2-3 seconds only to fill 95% of the form. Form filling software will be provided free of cost to you. Daily you can fill more than 2000+ forms using our software. The software is very easy to use.

5. Is there any limitation for the no. of forms I submit daily?
Here, we have 4 different working plans Ranging from 1500 Forms to 2499 Form Submission. Plans has been categorized into Basic, Professional, Expert & Master. To Know more about these working plans click here >>

6. How much do I get for filling a single form?
Payments are made as per the plan you select. Higher the plan - Higher Income. To get paid in any of the plan, every month a minimum of 500 forms has to be filled. To Know more about the payment structure click here >>

7. What's the procedure of doing form filling job?
The Job is very simple, As soon as you get registered with us, within 24hrs. your job work will be activated in My Account under Premium Paid Jobs. You will get your Job details along with full instructions on how to proceed on for the job and forms and their contents.

You will get List of Online Forms, and details which you have to input in forms, + Form Filling Software. Just open each form on internet browser, input the details as instructed by us & click the submit button.

8. Do I've to make any further payment while filling the forms?
No. You don't have to pay any further pay while submitting the forms. After submitting your Job is over.

9. How you'll know that I've submitted the online form?
Once you submit the form, it gets uploaded on our server for checking. On an average a single form filling job should not take more than 30-45 seconds.

10. How many Forms do I've to fill every month to get paid?
To get a decent pay for any of the plan, every month a minimum of 500 Forms should be filled. However, since there are no target or accuracy to maintain, you won't face any consequences for not submitted 500 forms per month.

11. What if I don't work for a particular month or submit less than 500 forms, will my account be terminated?
You won't face any consequences for not working for a month or any number of month. Once you've registered, your license will only end when you reach the end of your contract period.
There are no target or accuracy to maintain, which means If you do submit less than 500, you'll still be paid for any forms that you've submitted.

12. How to use the form filling software and How its going to help in my work?
The software is very easy, first install it on your PC. Input all the basic details which you regularly have to input in forms. You can create pre-filled forms using software one time and can use the same for all forms with just a click. You can create thousands of Forms and can use them for any no. of times. You can fill forms more faster and quicker using this software.

13. Is it compulsory to submit a particular no. of forms in a day?
No. we are not concerned about how many forms you fill in a particular day, whether you fill '0' or '100' forms, it doesn't matter.

14. Is there any type of accuracy that's going to counted or checked on each form I submit?
No. there is no accuracy, but each form should be submitted as per the details given from our side. If you submit forms with wrong details, they will not be counted.

15. When I'm going to get my monthly payments?
Payments will be relased based on the work package you've signed up for.

16. What's the mode of receiving payment for the completed Job work?
You'll receive your payment as per the payout mode you've selected in sign up form or as per the payout method you selected in My Account section. You can change the payout method anytime before the 30th of any month.

17. Is there any type of tax that's going to be deducted?
No we won't be deducting any type of tax from your income. You have to consult your CA or Tax consultant regarding any type of tax exists on this type of income in your country.

18. If I've any problem whom should I contact?
For any type of Query regarding this Job, you can contact us using our contact page.

19. I'm ready to sign up for Form Filling Job, what's the procedure?
To get started, you must first decide upon which work package you'd like to sign up for from the "Job plans and payment chart" section of this page.
Once you've picked a package, click on "Sign Up", fill out the form and submit it.
A sign up fee is taken, the price may vary from plan to plan.
This fee is a one time only and fully refundable.

This fee is taken for: daily account maintenance, connection with online server of company, daily uploading of your work files & for preparation of monthly Accuracy report. The amount is 100% refundable. After receiving the registration fees, particular job will be activated within 3 to 6 hours.
In some cases, activation may take more than 48hrs, in such case we request you not to panic. It may happen because of national holidays, server issues, too many activations, etc.

Please make sure to check our email in your bulk/junk/spam email box too.

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Plan #1
Sign Up Fee R 199

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To make the Payment, you must first fill and submit the Online Registration Form on this page.
On Successful submission, you'll be redirected to the payment page, where you can then complete the registration by making the payment.

For alternate payment options, Check out 'Payment Option' in the 'Join Now' page.

Indian customers can now deposit cash or transfer fund through "Fund Transfer" in the bank accounts given & forward the details such as: Transaction ID or Cash counter slip through E-Mail to

Upon payment confirmation, Job details will be sent to your E-mail Address within 24hrs.
Online form submission is mandatory.

International Candidates may read the Payment Option Page >> To find options other than credit card and paypal, if available.